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    Enter your email above and I’ll email you to organise a quick 30 minute call via Skype, etc. with me Sam (the developer of My Header Footer). I’ll ask you some simple questions like what did you like about My Header Footer, what did you not like, what features and changes would you suggest. This kind of feedback is sooooo invaluable and usually the call flies by and before you know it the 30 minutes is up. It’s an easy way to make $50 USD and helps out an indie plugin developer like myself. *Payment is sent via Paypal only.

    My Header Footer is made in Australia by 1 indie developer




    I need your feedback to improve my product


    Feedback is hard to get

    Let me know what you think?

    I want to make the best product for you so any feedback you can provide is very helpful.

    Is the editor interface easy to understand?

    Tell me your thoughts

    The interface has two goals; be simple and not cover your design! One thing I hate is a bloody popup dialog covering my design just so I can enter some text.

    Want pre-made header/footer templates

    What features should I add?

    Cards, Headings, Ghost buttons, Sliders, what modern web design elements would you like to see in the plugin?