Visual Designer

Design AND build it


We’re trying to build the most flexible page builder out there.

Visual Designer is a lightweight WordPress plugin that allows you to build web pages using a clean and simple drag & drop editor.

Visual Designer consists of web design components – simple and complex ones – that can be designed and styled in almost anyway. Think tabs, masonry layouts, etc. that you can style and edit in anyway you see fit.

My website has's actually pretty good :D


Theme-Builder WordPress theme is here!

We’ve created a theme builder that allows you to customise and build ANYTHING, ANYWHERE on the page. Our theme builder features; global styling, device-specific styling, easy to use design interface, custom headers and footers and much more!

  • wb_incandescent  Design Focused

    You should be able to re-create your PSD exactly using our plugin – we hope!

  • extension  Pipeline of Components

    We intend to add many more web design components; Headlines, Sliders, Accordions, Hero-Images, Ghost Buttons.

  • group_work  Community Input

    We want the plugin to evolve from community feedback. We need designers to tell us what’s good, what’s bad and what you want added.

  • bug_report  Still in BETA

    Visual Designer is still in beta release which means there will be bugs to address and functionality to perfect.

Try the demo now

You can try Visual Designer on our demo page or you can install the free beta plugin on your website now